27 September 2015

Uber Promo Code. Get RM20 free ride

Uber KL-Uber Malaysia
I do not have my own car.
I always have transportation problem when it comes to outing with friends or getting freelance jobs.
It's frustrating!

There's one day when I was going through social media, I saw a friend talking about her experiences with Uber. So why not I give it a try?
Surprisingly, it's really simple and convenient.

1. Download Uber apps from playstore/app store.
2. Activte your account. (you need to have a debit card/credit card to activate as they charge directly from it, no cash payment is required)
3. Start getting a ride! =)

My experiences with Uber rides:
The minimum waiting time will be 2-3 minutes for a ride. Maximum will be 5-8 minutes.
Drivers are kind and friendly. I met one driver who prepared mineral water and sweets in his car for the customers. I've never seen that so i think it's really cool! Lol!
I will just need to say thank you to the driver after reaching my destination. No need to look for purse and count my money to pay.
Sometimes the price may surge up higher during peak hour as they are getting more Uber drivers. I will usually wait until it drops to the normal price which takes around 30 minutes.
So far I've not encountered any problems with Uber drivers although I've seen some people posted about harassment cases and so on. Same thing might happens when you're taking bus or taxi. I would say that we have to always stay alert and be more careful.
Well, there's UberX, Uber Black and Uber Lux.
The price for UberX will be the lowest compared to the others because they are not using luxury cars.
For me, I will always choose UberX as I dont find it necessary to get a luxury car.

Fare detail for UberX
Base fare: RM1.50
RM0.30/min & RM0.60/km

Here's a uber promo code for your first ride!


Free RM20 for you =D